Additional Resources

Thinking, Fast and Slow

A must-read by Daniel Kahneman for anyone interested in diving deep into the world of cognitive bias.

Designing for Cognitive Bias

An excellent book by David Dylan Thomas explores the logic powering human bias and how to start designing more consciously.

Just Enough Research

This book by Erika Hall is focused on design research but explores how to spot your blind spots and biases during research.

Biases | The Decision Lab

The science is clear: humans take mental shortcuts. Here you can read about why we do this and how you can avoid it.

About this website

This website is a resource for breaking down the most common cognitive biases that designers must deal with during the design process. It’s by no means a comprehensive list, rather a dive into the ones that are the most common during the design process. They are also the ones that have the potential to influence design decisions and impact the products and services we help to build.

About the author

Jon Yablonski is a Senior UX Designer with a passion for empowering people through digital tools that augment their abilities. He is currently helping the world learn from its data as a Senior Product Designer at Mixpanel.


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